Harmonious Technical Pty LTD



Electrical Engineering





Company Statement 

The purpose of the company is to provide electrical consulting (MV & LV) / PFC / protection / power & power quality solutions to customers in terms of specialized equipment integration in old and new plants in order to provide efficient and high performance power systems.

Company member and associates 

The company is founded and managed by Paul du Randt who is experienced in power system protection (12 years), power system management / engineering (3 years), power factor correction, power management and power quality solutions (10 years). Paul is registered as a Professional Technologist with the Engineering Council of South Africa. The employees of the company are highly skilled and experienced in various activities. This provides a team of individuals with skills from solution creation to full completion.  The company has a strong innovative drive and is known to deliver with high energy and professionalism.

Power system optimization and audits. 

Industry is continuously extending their production and energy is one of the raw materials provided to the product. Due to the continuous equipment aging, change in load requirements capacity management need to be considered. The quality and losses in production is influenced by the power quality provided. We at HT specialize in detecting, rectifying power quality and production problems.

HT specializes in System optimisation by specializing in load management, demand optimisation, energy saving, outage, harmonic and dip management.

Power System Protection. 

The company provides a solution for power system protection, design, construction, integration, commissioning, maintenance, protection plans, protection grading and setting verification.

The company specializes in new installation, retrofitting and maintenance contracts.

Specialised products

Bender South Africa, Earth fault detection equipment. Protection relays and Power System Protection. Power quality products like Janitza, Elspec, Ion, Schneider Electric.



System Studies / PFC / Power Quality 

HT was founded out of the need to measure and analyse PFC, power quality delivery and providing solutions to reduce production loss for industrial plants. Measurement is done with monitoring voltage and current providing system and loading information. The measurements are designed to provide information to design possible solutions. Load conditions are analysed with the performance of the equipment used in the load-installed base.

The company was founded in 2002 and has competed studies on the following type of customers, hospitals, telecommunications, utilities, food and many more. The main target markets are companies that loose production due to dips, brownouts or outages that result in production loss. We provide solutions for internal and external site power quality problems.