Power Factor Correction

More information about reactive power and power factor correction

In power factor correction systems the reactive current and the corres – ponding reactive power drawn by consumers will be compensated by the means of PFC capacitors.

What is Power Factor Correction?

Reactive power is necessary for the generation of electromagnetic fields. Because these fields continuously develop and reduce, the reactive power fluctuates between producers and users. In contrast to active power, reactive power they cannot be used i.e. cannot be converted into another form of energy and strain the electricity supply network and the production equipment (generators and transformers). Furthermore, all energy distribution systems must be constructed larger for the allocation of reactive currents.

It is, therefore, necessary to reduce the same amount of occurring inductive reactive power near to the consumer with a capacitive reactive power. This process is called compensation. During compensation, the ratio of reactive power in the network reduces by the reactive power of the power capacitor or the PFC system. The energy generation systems and the energy transmission systems are, therefore, discharged from reactive currents.

What can be done to combat reactive power?

Energy supply companies invoice the reactive consumption whereby significantly increased costs usually occur. Reactive power compensation systems reduce the high costs for extra reactive consumption and offer the following additional advantages:

  • Reduced electricity invoices through lower reactive power costs
  • Reduced Ohm losses which means lower kWh consumption
  • Discharge of transformers, cables and supply systems
  • Increased lifespan of electrical distribution systems
  • Active environment protection through the reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Improved utilization of networks i.e. additional consumers (kWh) can be connected
  • Voltage stabilisation (reduced apparent current reduces the voltage drops)

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